Monday, April 09, 2007

God Surprises us with the Little Things

The thing that surprises me the most about the Holy Land is how small and close everything is. I guess I just expected the Sea of Galilee to be much larger or the old city of Jerusalem to be much bigger. When reading about the Holy Land in the Bible things seem to be so much larger in our imaginations, almost bigger than life. However, of course, they are bigger than life, but not for size but for the things that were accomplished there. God often uses a remnant or something of little significant in size to accomplish His great work. The boy David slaying the giant Goliath or the 300 troops of Gideon come to mind. It is amazing that the tiny old city of Jerusalem could have such an impact on history and on our salvation. The old city now is surrounded by walls that were constructed for the most part in the 17th Century. I am told that this is much larger than the city even existed in the 1st century, and larger still than the original city of David. I guess it is easy to make judgments on its size based on the large cities we are accustomed to today. Maybe that is what is so awe inspiring about Jerusalem that so many things of significance were done there that has an everlasting impact. The city is venerated by three of the major religions and is the center of attention around the world even today. God does use the small things to accomplish his plan. My prayer for all of us is that we do not think that we are too small for God to use. He has shown us time after time that he uses the small things as well as those who are far from perfect.

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