Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Making progress in Arabic

AS has been on our team for a month. She studied Arabic in college and has been studying with a tutor since she arrived. She shares the following story.

I have had one successful time of sharing truth in Arabic, and it was with a Palestinian girl. I am so thankful to God because He definitely gave me the words that I didn't know that I had. Drawing on words that I knew from another language and also a word that I had read in a book and happened to look up, I pieced together the Gospel message in Arabic!

Pretty exciting even though there was zero interest. I was happy because it was the first time I got to do that in Arabic, and how cool that it was with a Palestinian girl? Also, her family has relatives in the camps in another country, and they're going to give me info so I can meet them.

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Anonymous said...

AS - Keep up the great work. As a fellow language learner, we live for those moments when we can share truth in people's heart language. May the Lord multiply those opportunities for you and continue to fill you with wisdom as you respond to those divine appointments. GT