Thursday, August 30, 2007

From Sonnets to the Savior

Rita was relaxing in the waiting area as she prepared for her English class. She had previously asked me to explain some of the Shakespeare Sonnets . As I sat with Rita during a short break and thumbed through her huge English lit textbook, I came upon a section with several different translations (referred to only as “biblical writings”) which were ALL 1 Corinthians 13. I told Rita that I was a Christian and that the text in her lit book is found in our Bible. Rita seemed very interested as I told her how happy my life is because I have accepted the gift of the great love that is spoken of in that scripture – that it is truly joyful to experience that kind of life. I told her that if she would like to do so, I could bring her an English/Arabic Bible and she could compare it to her textbook versions. She wanted to do this and the next day I gave it to her. Even though I had already told her she could have the Bible, she asked me about a week later if she could keep it a while longer since she was reading it. JOY! JOY! Can we ask for more? HE had touched her heart through HIS WORD and she was wanting “more”!!!! I was so happy that HE gave me the great thrill of having Rita ASK if she could keep it and I could tell her that she would always have it to remember our conversation and then I had another sharing time with her. PTL! I/we have thanked HIM again and again for the power of HIS WORD – and the thrill of seeing HIM at work within R’s heart.

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