Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Busy Day

One of our team members in Jordan shares a recent experience about shopping, Burger King and how God is redeeming a bad experience.

Because of our being so busy I have missed spending time with one of my closest Palestinian friends. Finally, last Sunday we got to go shopping together. She is always my best shopping buddy, and she knew that I needed to buy something new to wear for Easter! (We celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter in the Middle East. This year on April 27.) I had thought I probably would not have time, but she told me we must go shopping. Also on Sunday I had arranged with my women’s English class to meet for lunch at Burger King. Because one of our English units was on food, including the history of certain foods, like the hamburger, we decided not only to read and talk about it, but to experience it. I had asked them if they wanted me to have hamburgers brought to our class or if they wanted to go out, and they wanted us to go out. So, I invited my shopping friend to meet with us. I knew she would enjoy meeting my students.

My shopping friend had an interesting experience to share with me. We had an accident a few days after Christmas, when we were on our way to make a visit. I had felt that somehow God must have a plan for me to meet the young man who hit me and his family. I had already told my friend that we must visit them. As we sat down to eat she told me about a school trip she had made with one of her classes, and guess who was the driver of the bus they had hired!!! He turned out to be the father of the young man who had hit me! He told her how grateful he was that I had been forgiving and did not press charges. He told her that he wants us to visit him! Imagine!!! Of all the hundreds and hundreds of buses and bus drivers there must be in this city, God arranged this encounter! For sure, he has something special for this Palestinian family.

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