Friday, May 16, 2008

An Attentive Captive Audience

One of our team members in Jordan shares about an exciting opportunity:

One of our local believers from our home study group was at the bus station waiting to board a bus for his intended destination. As he waited, another person approached him and asked if this was the bus that he needed to take. When both of them boarded the bus, the new friend began asking "J" what kind of work he was in. "J" replied that he worked for the church which caused the man to begin questioning him. As "J" shared with the man, the other passengers became very quiet listening as "J" shared his personal testimony along with the gospel message. As one of the passengers exited the bus, he turned to all the other passengers and said, "What this man has spoken is the Real Truth and I believe every word of it." "J" was so excited as he exited the bus realizing that all 20 + passengers had heard the message of salvation. Our Heavenly Father is so Good! Pray with us for those who heard "J"s words.

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