Wednesday, February 08, 2006

GM: A lesson in forgiveness

Last Friday, my basketball team was playing a game. One of the players on my team got really mad and stormed off the court saying he was quitting the team. (He struggles with his attitude) He and I talked about it after the game and he still decided to quit the team. I said the decision was his to make. Yesterday, I received a call from our team mom who said our player wants to come back. She said he would call me to see if I would let him come back. I called the commissioner of the league and asked her what my responsibilities were. She said, "it is your decision, and I will support whatever you decide." I told her about my relationship with God and how I receive grace and forgiveness for my past and ongoing mistakes. Because of what I have been given, I will also extend this to my player. When my player called and asked about coming back, I told him the same story. Next Monday, my player will come to the game, prepared to apologize to me and to the team. I will also share this story with them. Please remember me as I have this opportunity to share.

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Our Walk Among Palestinians said...

"GM: The rest of the story"

Last Monday, our team met before the game to discuss our strategy. I gave our player the opportunity to apologize to the coaches and to the team. After his apology, I took a moment to comment on why we permitted him to return to the team. "God has forgiven me for the many mistakes I make in my life. He has given me a second chance. We want to extend the same kind of grace and forgiveness to this player as well."

We ask you to pray that this act of grace will cause our players to consider the forgiveness given by God. Pray also that we will continue to set a positive example to our players.