Saturday, April 08, 2006

HL: A visit to Omri Camp

Today was a great example of using the resources available to our team. Our team on the West side of the Jordan River is small. We wrote an email to all the workers in our area asking if anyone would like to join us in a once a month project. We were pleased to get several who want to help the Pal team sporadically. We are so blessed ! Today we had four women who took a craft project into a women's center.
The ladies were already gathered for a lesson in the Kor'an. One of the ladies noted that the spirit seemed heavy when we entered. Her Arabic is very good and she noticed a few of the women quoting sayings (Kor'anic) that we don't normally hear on a daily basis. But the women were all very welcoming and delightful. Although we weren't able to verbally share our hearts. YOU know how many prayers were said during our time with them. We did a craft project that turned out really well and ate cake and drak juice together. We visited for a long while. We were invited to their homes. Palestinians are so loving and welcoming!!! We look forward to future visits in months to come. We especially look forward to when we can visit in their homes where we can actually share in a more natural setting.

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