Monday, April 17, 2006

A Father's Hands

Today my husband and I were walking along a beautiful Promenade. Israelis and Palestinians alike use this area. We often see people of both races there on our daily strolls. Today, it was delightful to see a precious Palestinian father walking along with his three sons. Two of his sons were older but there was one that was quite young. He was unsure on his feet. The father happily ran along behind him...a bit awkwardly...but joyfully keeping stride with his toddler. He was smiling as he chased the wee one along...with one hand in front of him to catch him from falling. It reminded me of our Heavenly Father...joyfully keeping up with us as we barrel along...ready to keep us from falling if we will allow Him. Pray for this Palestinian man, that he would come to know our Heavenly Father who is ready to keep us from falling...and able to right us when we do.

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