Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Special Iftar Meal

Ramadan is over and we've just finished Eid El Fitr, the holiday that follows Ramadan. Below is a story about a meal that several of our team members shared with some Muslim friends during Ramadan.

One large family here considers all of us as part of their family and often invite us for meals. One evening after iftar (the meal at the end of the day to break the fast) the father played for us on his i-pod some Koranic chapters about Jesus and Mary. We all became involved in an intense discussion about Jesus and told them what Jesus means to us in our lives. A Jordanian friend who is a strong Christian was with us. It is customary to serve fruit after a meal. As our Christian friend talked she started brandishing her fruit knife in the air as she made her point. Our host told her to put kown the weapon and we all had a good laugh, but they continued to ask questions

On the way home we talked about our discussions with them. I commented that we just have to agree to disagree. But my co-worker has a different point of view. She thinks it’s apparent that they keep bringing up religious discussions because they are seekers, that they are trying to convince themselves of their beliefs, and that when they are around us, they feel God’s Holy Spirit in us. It is they who always bring up religions topics. I have to believe that God will answer our prayers and bring them to the Light and Truth. As my co-worker says, their spirits are responding to His Spirit within us. I think they see the difference Christ makes in our lives. Every day I pray that they put their faith in Him to find true life.

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