Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Texas Volunteers - Sunday

On Sunday, November 12 we celebrated the completion and dedication of the Gaza Baptist Church in the Gaza Strip. I was excited to be invited; honored that the pastor would ask me and my wife to come be a part of the deication of their new building, but the real joy waas that we were actually able to be there.

What an evening!! At least 250 people were in attendance including Brother Andrew, "God's Smuggler". He was the preacher for the service. We sang hymns and choruses, prayed, listened to special guests from all over the world who help support and finance the building of the only evangelical church in the Gaza Strip.

The building is six floors tall; the worship center being on the 6th floor. The only Christian library in Gaza occupies the first two floors. This is a lending library with books in Arabic and English. A clinic, offices and guest quarters occupy the other floors. One interesting note, it is directly across the street from the Palestinian Police headquarters for the city of Gaza.

God has and is using the Church to minister to the people in the Gaza Strip for Jesus Christ. Pray with us for God's blessing and watchcare for eveyone connected to the Gaza Church.

For Pictures of the building, click HERE. We hope to keep adding pictures over the next couple of days.

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