Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Texas Volunteers - Wednesday

Insights from Cortney:

We took the day to visit the Old City in Jerusalem. I was not quite sure what to expect. I have studied about all of the events that happened there in seminary, but had never really pictured how it all would look. My first semester of school, the president of the seminary told our class that making a trip to the Holy Land would take the Bible, written in black and white, and bring it to color. That is exactly what happened. It was not that every sight was a highly emotional or overtly spiritual experience, but it gave life to what I had studied my entire life. I was able to walk where where Christ might have walked. I saw where He journeyed to Caiphas' house. I saw where Christ could have been beaten and imprisoned. I was able to see where Christ might have been crucified. I was able to experience what the tomb Christ rose from was like. These events changed not only how I study the Bible, but my entire understanding of the sacrifice and victory of Christ. I have a newfound perspective of the life of Christ, His ministry, and His means of salvation through His sacrifice.

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