Friday, November 16, 2007

Tennessee Volunteers #6

Hello there!

It is the evening of our sixth day here and each day brings something new for us to think and pray about. We are learning much about this culture that explains why things are the way they are. Today we had the opportunity to meet an incredible woman who has spent her entire life working with orphans. To be an orphan in this culture is not a good thing. Being an orphan doesn’t necessarily mean your parents are dead. It is more likely that the children have been abandoned or that the father has divorced the mother and she cannot care for them. And, of course, there are the stories of abuse. The woman we met has made it her life’s mission to live out James 1:27 as she not only protects and cares for the children, but battered women as well. The sad thing is that these children and women are outcasts in this culture and their futures (their physical futures) will be very hard. What we saw in the heart of our friend was mercy and love in action. We didn’t meet any of the women, but we did get to spend time with the children and we had such fun with them. We took their pictures with a Polaroid and as T pointed out their smiles were bigger when they saw their photos than when he took them! Then they glued their photos to a card, which they decorated with lots of stickers. They really enjoyed it. We shared a snack and then some of the girls wanted to show us a dance. We laughed when we quickly figured out it was the Macherena. T can do that dance fairly well! Once again, in the midst of such pain and hardship, we saw what the love of Jesus can do for a person who has opened their heart to Him. He is truly the only way we will see real lasting change here and at home.

Please pray for us tomorrow. We anticipate an increase in spiritual warfare. We know you have been praying for us and we are grateful. We love you and miss you, and are praying for you as well.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for carrying out God's work and knowing your accomplish ment.Where ever you walk Who ever you speak to with all that you share...You truly are gifted all of you-.God Bless All That You Are Doing..We Love You Guys... said...

Trust - Walk - Delight
With the utmost respect you are loved - BY ALL

Anonymous said...

All is well and you all are showing such kindness. At times a kind act showing love from others is the only needed/wanted thing. Walking, sharing, caring, loving w/sidekicks brings smiles.

Anonymous said...

How exciting
I enjoy these all you share