Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tennessee Volunteers #7

Hello everyone,

We started our day with our usual falafel breakfast (for those of you that have never had one they are DELICIOUS!), followed by a quick stop in a local store to pick up a remembrance or two to bring back with us. We met with everyone on our team here (we were 14 strong) for a prayer meeting as we were anticipating some difficulty getting into Nablus. And we got it. Our plan was to visit with the Samaritans (living in the exact same location they lived when Jesus spoke with the woman at the well). We were not allowed through. Change of plans, backtracking to another checkpoint leading into Nablus. This time we were allowed through and we had the very rare blessing of visiting Jacob’s Well. The actual well where Jesus met with her. Because of the political tensions here, it is really difficult for anyone to go there. We pulled water from the well and were refreshed by the same waters that refreshed Jesus 2,000 years ago. It was special to be in that place reflecting on the fact that He promised to provide living water. . .and that He keeps that promise to those who believe. From there we travelled through old Nablus (at one point down a street that was just wide enough to drive through and NOT open the car doors!) to an Anglican church to meet with the pastor who would lead us to another small village to the north. We visited with the 55 Christians there (out of 2,500 citizens). We shared dinner together and afterwards the men talked, C enchanted the children by giving them suckers and taking their photos and L & K learned to make the Arabic coffee. We ended our visit by praying and singing together. Then off for the long drive home and an hour long wait at the checkpoint out. When we got back this evening and talked through all we had seen and experienced today, we decided the words for the day were diversity, flexibility, tension, reflection and family. We are continually encouraged by Jesus’ ability to draw hearts together from all over the world. It is not such a big place for those who have placed their trust in Jesus.

We love you all and will be home soon.

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