Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas Party

Posted by one of our team members living in a Middle-East country where Palestinians are a minority.

I had a good time with my Palestinian friend at our Christmas party. In fact, although I invited several friends to the party, only my Palestinian friends showed up. It worked out well, though, because lots of my roommate’s friends came and there wouldn’t have been room in our house for everyone. Anyway, three of my friends heard a very clear presentation of the Way and got books. And it was at the party when I talked to my friend about working with her at her refugee camp. She was very excited about that. Later that week, she called me and invited me to her house. I was really excited about that because it’s almost always me doing the initiating in all of my relationships, but in this case it wasn’t. So we had a good time together and when she gets back from her Eid visit to Lebanon, we’re going to get in contact again. Later that same night, we visited some of roommate’s friends in that camp, and I met another Pal girl whose father is exiled to Libya because he’s been a little too friendly with Arafat and his crew and the government here got suspicious. We’ll see how that friendship will progress!

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