Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas visits

Posted by one of our team members living in Jordan

On Christmas Day, because I always expect tons and tons of visitors all afternoon and evening, two of my university-aged, Muslim students came to help me through the time. They are great dishwashers, and also help me in serving guests. Only one family had come and left before they arrived.

While we were waiting for more guests to arrive, I was playing Christmas music, and they were looking through some of my picture albums. During the Adhan, or call to evening prayers from the mosques in my neighborhood, they asked if I would turn off the music out of respect for the call to prayer. After I did so, I asked them what’s the difference between playing music and their chatting, because they did not stop chatting during this time. They were not quiet nor were they praying. They said they didn’t know. It was just something that their parents had taught them to do. They didn’t know why. I told them that through music I can worship God and it helps me feel His presence. They apologized for their request.

I began thinking “What insight this is to all of us!” I hope that gives them reason to think about and examine their faith, why they do the things they do. I’m so glad to see them and other young people thinking about their beliefs and no longer, as generations in the past did, accept everything taught in Islam by their parents and imams, without reasoning and questioning!

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