Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gaza Humor

We had a great weekend in Gaza. We were able to accomplish several tasks on our to-do list and visited several old friends. One of our favorite Palestinian foods is waraq dawali or stuffed grape leaves. Our friends made it for us with the first leaves of the spring. Mmmmm!

When we entered Gaza Strip, Israel shooting missiles into the area. It is hard to describe; not only is there a loud boom in the distance, but the air shakes. Even though we knew the missiles weren’t aimed at populated areas, it was a bit disconcerting. Otherwise we did not feel any danger.

Our friends relate stories of ever worsening conditions. We visited in one home where the father had been in the hospital the week before. He said there were no medicines in the hospital. His doctor wrote a prescription and his son went to the pharmacy to buy the drugs for him to take while in the hospital. There did not seem to be a shortage of food on the shelves; just most people don’t have any money to buy. It has been two months since government workers were paid and they are the lucky ones – they have a job and some hope of eventually being paid.

We have to take a taxi from Erez, the crossing point from Israel, into Gaza. Our driver told us this joke:
Israel dropped a bomb on the main road in Gaza that made a big crater. Over the next few weeks cars kept driving into it and many people were injured. There were several deaths. So, those who were in charge of public safety had a meeting. There was a heated argument over what was the best solution. Some wanted to post an ambulance next to the crater so that injured people could be taken to the hospital immediately. In the end, it was decided that the crater would be moved next to the hospital so injuries could be treated even more quickly.

Sometimes you have to laugh so that you don’t cry.

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