Friday, September 22, 2006

Don't Jump! Don't Jump!

The remodeling in our office building has been taxing (to say the least) not only to teachers but to the students. This week (the sixth week of this three-week remodeling project) I had commented to the last class for that day that IF one more thing happened, I thought that I would just jump out of the window. Well, you guessed it, that "one more thing" happened and true to my word, I smiled, threw the book into the air, jumped up from the chair and threw back the curtain and the window screen. This large class of men was roaring with laughter as this "nutty old" teacher pretended to get into the "diving" position. Suddenly, one of the men jumped up; ran to me; grabbed me by the arm and shouted, "Don't jump! Don't jump! PLEASE don't jump! We don't want the American Ambassador coming over here thinking we pushed you!" Well, the laughter could be heard a mile away! A co-worker came to the class stating that her class wanted to know what was going on. Interestingly, all of the class understood the significance - no one cared IF I jumped; they just didn't want any American thinking they had pushed me out of the window!!

Posted by GA -- who didn't jump after all!!

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