Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monday Night Visitation

Recently, we ran some errands by taxi . We had the taxi take us to our office. My husband and the driver waited while I retrieved what I needed. When I returned to the car, the driver had given two tapes to my husband. The driver popped one into his cassette player to show us what he had gifted us with and it was the Koran being chanted, one verse at a time followed by the translation spoken in very clear English and we listened until we reached our place. We asked the driver to wait a moment. I ran in and got a full Arabic Bible from the apartment (the driver knew little to no English). We thanked him for his gift to us and we TRIED to tell him that we are followers of Jesus and that this is our Book. He did accept our gift.

We do not know if there is any connection between this event and the one we are about to share, but it is a possibility. As we drove from the office to our place, we passed a large mosque near our home. The driver mentioned to us about the Imam, (mosque leader) and we think he was saying that he and the Imam were friends. We told him that we knew him and his family and that we visited with them regularly.

The above event happened on a Friday night. On the following Monday evening, my husband left the office early because we had eight people for dinner that night. I rushed home as soon as I could to find J standing at the door smiling. I had just missed some very special visitors - a group of men -- the “Monday night visitation” committee of the nearby mosque. These men told him that they visited homes every Monday night.
We are thinking that possibly the Friday night event and our Monday night visitation are connected since we have lived in the same place for two years and the visitation committee just found us.

We are hopeful that they will return - maybe EVERY Monday evening - especially when we are both here. We want to give them refreshments AND the BEST REFRESHMENT - even if just a crumb or drop at the time.

Though this may sound a bit strange to some, we are excited about the potential of this group of men coming to our place. Won't you join with us in asking that this group of men will come again - and again and again and again? We don't believe they just happened our way - we believe HE has "directed their steps" and has a plan - we just KNOW they are seekers!

Posted by J&G who live in Jordan.

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