Monday, September 25, 2006

Our Special Friendship

Our friendship with Dr. G. , a dean at a nearby university, continues to grow even though we aren't actually together as much as we once were. Yet, he still relies on us and contacts us just to stay "close" and constantly is encouraging us to come to his office for a visit, etc. At times when we are there, he will seek our advice and/or ideas about all sorts of things and, on one occasion, had me write a letter for him. Recently, his university held a big conference for educators from all over the Arabic world. There were 85 countries represented. Dr. G. called us and insisted that we participate and we did go with him to a celebration night at a really nice restaurant. We were happy to meet so many interesting people from so many countries. This was a really fun evening for us and Dr. G. seemed so pleased that we joined him and the others for this relaxing evening. About a week later, he called, as usual, just checking on us and he added a comment (unsolicited) that has "rested in our hearts" and to us, very unlike him - he said, "You know, you are like family to me." This is an endearing comment, wouldn't you say? HIS love can do ALL things!!!! We give HIM only praise for HIS love passing through us to Dr G.

Posted by J.&G.A.

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