Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy School Days

Day Four....

Marhaba (Hello)
What an awesome day!!! We saw prayers answered today in so many ways. We arrived at the village today to do crafts with the children at school. There was an issue at first which required us to stand in the gap and pray silently. Immediately, we saw answered prayer. We were allowed to go into each classroom and interact with the children! The first class we entered we had our hearts stolen. There were beautiful brown, blue and grey eyes shining and smiling back at us. They said their ABC’s (in English) for us….it was so special. We then began our crafts (foam popsicle puppets and bookmarks) and took their pictures. They were having the time of their lives and so were we….just a blessing both ways. We made candied apples (apples wedges with powered cherry jello) and watched as the children enjoyed the treat. Each class was told that they were a blessing and that we were so thankful for them. The day was fabulous. We were told that the children in the school would probably never forget that we came to see them and love on them. We pray that this will open doors and open hearts and minds. Seeds are planted.

Afterwards we traveled to the Dead Sea. It was a long but beautiful drive. It was very interesting how the terrain changed in such a short distance. It became much warmer and much dryer. No vegetation was seen. Then suddenly we saw groves and groves of date trees. It is amazing to see what water or the lack of will do to the land. We arrived at the Dead Sea….we waded in and then you just lay back and ….FLOAT! We had such a great time there.

This trip to the West Bank has been very eye opening and very humbling. It will never been far from our minds what is happening here and how much prayer is needed here.

Salaam (Peace)

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