Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Village

Day Five

Once again we were blessed! We traveled back to the village to give out more food. We gave at least 25 bags of food and chips to the families in the village. We were invited into a home to visit. We were given coffee and chocolate. The coffee here is VERY strong. We continued around the village and gave out food, smiles and love. May their hearts and minds be forever changed and softened. The women and children here are very beautiful (helwa). We got to visit at the Mayor's house. The hospitality of the people here is humbling. They insist on bringing coffee or tea and sweet for you to enjoy. They will not let you help and they seem to enjoy the company. Our prayer is that we have opened the doors for future visits and that they will one day entertain listening to the REAL truth and accept it.

We were taken to an overlook of Jerusalem ....breathtaking!

Afterwards we got to travel to Bethlehem to the Church of the Nativity. We had a wonderful tour guide. The amazing thing was to be in a building that was built in the 3rd century. It is said to be the oldest church still standing in the world. The story is that when the Persians came through they were destroying everything including the churches. They came upon the Church of the Nativity and there was a mosiac of the Wise Men on the outside wall. The Wise Men were dressed as Persians so they believed that it was a holy site for them and they left it alone.

We have had an amazing trip here. We have learned to love these people and our hearts so break for them. May their eyes, ears and hearts be opened!

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