Monday, October 22, 2007

Loving on the people

Day Three
Good Morning!
We slept a little later today (I believe we are tired :)).
We traveled back to the village to give out food. We were able to give out food to 25 families. We visited in the homes and were treated once again to coffee. We were given bread to take with us when we left. The men were away working or something. We gave the children bouncing balls and lollipops….what beautiful smiles they have when you smile at them. We played ball with the children and visited with the mothers. We hope to see these families again this week.

We traveled up the road to over look the village and pray for the people there. The olive trees are amazing to behold…some are hundreds of years old. We stopped and relaxed for awhile. We prayed for all the villagers and for everyone that is here loving on these people.

We were taken on a “secret” trip. Once we got there our guide told us this is where Jesus walked with two companions to…..”The Walk to Emmaus!” We were very very excited to be there. The Monk was so kind to walk us around and tell us about the history of the site. We were taken into the Basilica where we sang “Amazing Grace”. Some of us could barely sing realizing where we were sitting and the fact that Jesus might have been right there. We saw the remains of what was a Roman road that could have been the exact road which Jesus walked. Several of us were very overwhelmed and the tears flowed. Jesus walked on this very land we are walking on now.

We came back to the apartment and have been having great fellowship with each other and our new friends.

Tomorrow will be another great day to do God’s work.

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Angela Wooten said...

Praise the Lord!! What a blessing to hear from you all. We have been praying. It was so good to hear that you we were with some of the locals and gave them balls. I had a beautiful picture of the children bouncing their balls as I went to sleep, with a SMILE of course! Please continue to keep us updated!!