Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day

One of our team members worked in Gaza for several years. She shares these thoughts about Mothers' Day.

The deep bonds with Palestinian friends from Gaza continue. Last Friday, the first day of Spring, was Mother’s Day in the Middle East. I have made it a tradition to telephone my “Palestinian mother,” Sitt Z. every Mother’s Day. (“Sitt” is s title of respect for older women.) During the three years and eight months that I spent in Gaza, she “adopted” me and always calls me her American daughter. Even though it’s been a few years since I have seen her, we feel as close as ever. Some of my friends in America still have a prayer card with her picture and prayer requests and sometimes ask me how she is. She has no idea what impact she has made upon people and how widely she is known, because during one of my stateside assignments I told everyone everywhere that I spoke about her and requested prayer that the Holy Spirit would work in her life. I have left tapes and Scripture with her and shared many Bible stories and the plan of salvation with her. So far she is still a devout Muslim, but I pray that God will give her a vision that will convict her heart of truth. Now in her eighties, she said one prayer request is that we get to see each other before she dies!

Not only do I have a Palestinian “mother” that I stay in contact with, but I also have a “spiritual Palestinian son.” He called me on Mother’s Day. His family is still in Gaza, but H. has now lived in the United States long enough to become an American citizen. He and his wife have one young son and are expecting another one. What a blessing to know how God has changed him, having opened his spiritual eyes before he left Gaza! Indeed I am so thankful for God’s guidance and intervention!

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