Friday, March 28, 2008

An On-coming Truck

Salvation can be a difficult concept to understand for people of any culture. It is especially difficult for Palestinians from a Muslim background because "good works" are so important. One of our team members shared the following experience and a great analogy she sometimes uses.

I’m helping a Palestinian study for a comprehensive exam over everything they have studied in two years and is mostly in English. I have been able to meet the whole family. We had a discussion of eternal life the other day. My student was concerned that I won’t go to Paradise. I shared what I believe and the problem seemed to be that, if salvation is a free gift, what would keep you from being bad? I compared it to someone who pushes you out of the way of an on-coming truck and dies saving you. How would you feel? What would you do for that person’s family? Would you want to make something good of your life because of that other person’s sacrifice? God’s love makes you want to be good.

Pray with us for this family. Not only are we asking that they'll understand, but that they'll experience salvation.

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