Friday, March 28, 2008

A New Friend

One of our team members who lives in a country where Palestinians are a minority shared the following about a new friend.

Last week I went down to a Palestinian area to visit a friend. I met this lady last summer, but I’d thought she hadn’t liked me. She’d been sort of standoffish and cold to me. I ran into her again when we went down to her area to check out a humanitarian project we are funding there. I gave her my number and she said she’d call me that night. Apparently she did call, but somehow I missed the call. About a month later, we were back in her area, and I told her to call again because I really did want to talk with her. I thought that would be it, but that weekend she called and we talked awhile. She invited me to come visit her that week because she was off for a couple of days. I usually avoid overnight visits if at all possible, but for some reason (must have been God because it sure wasn’t me), I just said yes. So a couple of days later, I hopped on a bus and went down to her area. The visit was amazing! This girl really opened up and shared her heart with me. I listened to her struggles and got a chance to share with her. Later that night I got a chance to share again in front of her brother. Both of them listened very well, and my friend said that the whole story and the idea of salvation was very beautiful. I left her with a movie and a book. Anyway, that whole visit was exciting. My friend has called me several times since the visit, including once on Easter to give me Easter greetings. I’m praying that she’ll soon know the power of our risen Lord.

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