Monday, October 13, 2008

TN Team 10/11/08

Marhaba from your friends from Tennessee! We arrived yesterday afternoon about 5:30ish. It was exciting for the three of us who have been here before because we recognized so much and feel so comfortable. It was more so for the others who are visiting for the first time and seeing the land with fresh eyes. The apartment hasn’t changed. . . it’s still 72 steps up! But the view, once you’re up there is way worth it. We got up early this morning and went to the falafel stand. It was as delicious as we remembered and even B---n tried one. I think we shamed him into it, but he actually liked it and I was proud of him! Unfortunately, Mike, the stand owner, was not there. Apparently, he’s been traveling stateside, but is due back any time. I’m hoping we get to see him before our visit is over.
Today we delivered food to and visited with some very nice families. A lovely young woman was especially intrigued by Fee. She came and sat beside her and the two of them chatted for about 30-40 minutes (without knowing each other’s language beyond a few words!). It was sweet to watch. It was especially gratifying to watch S---t interact with the men in the villages. His ability to communicate seemed to really put them at ease and the men were very glad to have the chance to talk with him. In one of his more colorful conversations there was great discussion about Noah and Moses. We’re reminded of the things we have in common and that at the end of the day, there is only one major difference between us.
Think about our field personnel, P & L, that God will give them discernment and wisdom as they lead us. Also that the families we visited families we visited will not suffer any negative consequences from local authorities because of our visits.

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