Friday, October 17, 2008

TN Team 10/16/08

Marhaba! Hello! Today we delivered food and jackets to several homes. It was really cool. We were, again, graciously welcomed into the homes of the people we met. In fact, we had some very interesting conversations and a couple of new doors are now opened for our resident friends to follow-up on. And that’s a very good thing. B---n bought a soccer ball to take specifically to the home of the man with all the children. The older children were in school, but he was a hit with the younger boys . . . and they could really play! When we left, B---n gave the ball to one of the boys and S---t told him whenever he played with the ball, he should think of B. It was a good day. When we were finished with home visits, we went to the Garden Tomb and shared the Lord’s Supper. If that weren’t enough, after that, we visited the Baptist Prayer House. The purpose of the prayer house is to “praise, pray and proclaim.” We were invited to the prayer room and let me say it was quite an experience. Everything in the room is designed to draw you into prayer. We were grateful for the experience. Tomorrow, we’re off to the orphanage. Thanks for thinking of us. We love you.

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