Friday, October 17, 2008

Tn Team 10/17/08

Hello friends, today we visited the girl’s orphanage in what used to be Bethany. Bethany is where Lazarus lived and died and was raised from the dead! Such sweet girls, (and two little guys). CH brought canvas bags for them to paint and she and Ms. BB and Fee brought lots of stuff to put in the bags. It was a great project and the kids loved making them. Two of the girls sang for us and they had such sweet clear voices, and then Fee and S---t told a Bible story. Before we left, we played one of their favorite games . . . “sea and shore” or “barha and bar”. B---n was the first one out, but they called it a practice run and let us start over. He was in the final three the second time (and it saved his pride!). When it was time to take group photos at the end, we were told to say “habeeb”, which we did very loudly, and very often, until everyone was laughing. We totally had a blast. There are some sad stories about a few of the children, but they are bright and intelligent and cheerful. The house mothers we met were very kind. We were glad to see them again this year and will be honored to keep them in our thoughts, trusting God with their futures.
There will be no blog tomorrow. We are going to spend the day at the Sea of Galilee around Tiberius and Capernaum (can you imagine!?) before we board our plane to come home. Please keep us in your thoughts that there are no delays going through security or customs. We will see you Sunday morning for the 11:00 service!

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