Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fortress Gate #3

A lot has happened since I posted last. We had a meeting on Monday morning that we hoped would be furitful. However, it was a big dead-end. We've been asking for direction and we took that as an answer to prayer. We did visit a refugee camp on the edge of Beirut to see another contact. This organization is working with special needs kids and doing a great job. They were more open to having our help in the future. PTL! Another answer.

On Tuesday we travelled to Sideon and Tyre. There are two camps in Sideon; both very near the center of the city. Lebanese army guards prevented us from entering, but we were able to pray for the Palestinians inside as we drove around the camp.

In Tyre, we visited an archeological site next to a camp. el Buss; again we could not enter, but we were able to pray.

Today we went to Baelbak; the is an archeolgical site in the Beqa Valley. There is also a Palestinian Camp near the site. We had a great day of touring and praying as we travelled.

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