Saturday, May 27, 2006

What's Cooking?

In the fall of 2004, I was inspired to think of some way to get ladies into our home and each time it was thought about, cooking was what came to mind. We had a friend in the U.S. send us some old cookbooks that she had stored. Even though we haven't forgotten the cooking class, the idea has just now come to fruition NOT by us, but by HIM - a very obvious affirmation since HE let one of the students re-kindle the thought. Our first cooking class just met yesterday and was absolutely more exciting than we imagined it would be, beginning with luncheon, doing the specific cooking we came together for, and ending with cleaning the kitchen. During our "wait" periods for the cooking times, conversation was abundant and my heart quickened when one of the Jordanian ladies asked another lady, "Are you a Christian?" The response was "no". Talk about surprise! Just as usual, we humans THINK we KNOW how to do "it" and then HE takes over and DOES IT! From there, HE simply took over and I was able to share the Good News as it related to my own personal life more freely than before with these women. It came so naturally and in such a relaxed atmosphere that there was no doubt who was in control of the cooking class. We DID use the cookbooks intended for this purpose so many months (and miles) ago. What a happy, long afternoon! These times are so precious; very encouraging when there have been "dry" days when you cannot share as you would like.

After the ladies left, three young men who always include us in their "together" times for tea on University Street came over, had supper, stayed for fellowship and cards, and finally left well after midnight. These young men tell us "everything" and we do mean everything. They really "dumped" on us last night and we had lengthy conversations on several sensitive topics. Interestingly, things which perhaps would be taboo in other conversation groups seem to come up quite easily whenever they are with us and they appear to value our responses to their questions or comments with no embarrassment nor shock. These are professional men; one a medical doctor. They listen very intently to us and get both male/female perspectives. A friend recently gave us a Christian book and it was lying on the coffee table. One of the men had already looked it over carefully as we put the food on the table and later, one asked us if he could take that book with him to read stating that the English was not too difficult for him. Of course, the book went with him and we are now realizing more how important it is to have the right materials lying around as our students and friends come by to visit us.

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Drew said...

How are you able to keep up. Reading your post it's hard to imagine how you keep up such a pace. i don't know if its proper to say but thank you for what you do. The things that we all can and don't and the things we can't but hope for.