Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Refrigerator Trouble

Our refrigerator has been making a terrible noise for the past few days. It is about 12 years old and has had a rough life. So for months we've been preparing ourselves mentally for the inevitable. But this is NOT a good time to have it go out. Next week my sister-in-law and niece are coming and then a volunteer group which includes my brother. We just don't have time right now to have it repaired nor time to shop for a new one. Sometimes the electricity in the area is around 160 volts instead of 220 like it should be. I thouhgt - hoped - that that might be the problem. Our friend and neighbor up the road has a voltmeter. She was coming by this morning so I asked her to bring it. It read 235 volts so that wasn't the problem. When we explained the problem she started looking around and found that the broom was leaning against the fridge back in the back. She move the broom and -- ta da -- the terrible noise stopped.

I hope the big problems you face today are as easily solved! I also hope you have a friend and that don't have to call the repairman to move the broom.

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