Friday, June 23, 2006

An Important Principle

The other day at my work I was reminded of an important principle. I have been preparing for the arrival of two teams of volunteers to assist us with summer camps. I was in a hurry and had many things to do. I quickly walked past one of the offices without greeting or even acknowledging one of the Arab staff members. I was focused on my task. I finished my task and then returned to the office area. The man I failed to greet was surprised and questioned what was so important. At that point I realized my error: my task (job) at that moment was more important than the relationship. For us westerners, we live by the task and are satisfied by its accomplishment. But in this part of the world, relationship is more supercedes the task and people find fulfillment through their interaction with and enjoyment of people. The task still gets done (usually), but not at the expense of investing time in relationship.

The principle I was reminded of is this: people are more important than the task. Building relationships is more important than accomplishing stuff. I am thankful for this timely reminder because over the next few weeks our task is to host camps for kids and teachers all over the county. It would be easy for me to become consumed with the details of getting these camps working but I don't want to lose sight of investing time in the lives of people. Please ask for clarity of thought and sensitivity to opportunities as they arise.

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Drew said...

Oddly enough I need to read this story. Thank you.