Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tennessee Volunteers # 4

On Friday we traveled to the Galilee Area. We went east to Jericho and then north to Tiberias. On the way we stopped in the desert and rode a camel. Great fun!

We stopped in Tiberias and experienced the opportunity to put our feet in the Jordan River.

We continued on our journey and arrived in Capernaum. This was the home of Peter and the city in which Jesus taught in the synagogue and healed the sick. We also went to the site tradition says Jesus restored Peter after Peter’s denial of Jesus on the night of Jesus’ trial.

We also went to the Mount of Beatitudes where tradition says Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount. We also visited the city of Nazareth; the city of Jesus’ boyhood home. We also visited the Church of the Annunciation; the site tradition says was the place where the Angel Gabriel announced to Mary God’s plan for her to be the mother of Jesus.

We completed the days’ activities by seeing olivewood carvings done by craftsmen from Bethlehem.

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