Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tennessee Volunteers # 8

We are very pleased with the Camp. The girls are a delight to work with. They are so eager to learn and appreciative of everything we do. They have surprised us with their English ability. On Tuesday we started to teach them the “Head and Shoulders, Knees & Toes” Song. They already knew it and the motions. Chris taught them another song with silly motions; they loved it and wanted to sing it over and over.

Yesterday we stay in the West Bank until about 5:30 painting an apartment that will be used for volunteers in the future. H. had taco salad prepared for us when we got back to Jerusalem.

Today we left the West Bank immediately after the Camp. A man was killed yesterday evening in the neighborhood where we are having the camp and there were violent reactions. His funeral was being held near the facility we are using and we felt it would be best to leave immediately. We had to be careful throughout the day not to make much noise out of respect for the man’s family and friends.

We hade planned to eat at a restaurant in the area and visit some homes. Instead we went back to Jerusalem, had lunch in a nice restaurant and did some more shopping and site seeing in the Old City.

Tomorrow is the last day of camp. Today one of the girls said, “Tomorrow is the last day, isn’t it?” When she was told yes, she said, “That will make us sad” Well, it will make us sad, too. Please pray for this last day. We would love to visit in some of the homes of the girls. Pray for peace in their area and throughout the Palestinian areas.

This last picture is painted on the wall seperating the West Bank and Israel.

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It sounds like you all are doing well, even in the midst of distress. Our senior high church camp will hold you in our prayers today. Rev. Kevin A. Robbins, at Camp Walter Scott, Effingham, IL