Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fun with Students in Northern Jordan

Students just left - we have had a great time this afternoon and tonight. We did various things using our English skills. One young man was listening to one of our Christian CDs using earphones and then would repeat the words out loud and we could all hear. After a while, he stopped listening and began to ask questions about the words: "walking with Him", "loving us so much"; "loving Him so much"; "the sacrifice", etc. PTL - as naturally as breathing, there we were sharing what that sacrifice meant to us. What a blessing! We just never know what instrument is "the one" HE will use - nor when.

We enjoyed so much one of our favorite things today -- recording the students' voices. We used scripted conversations between students and let them HEAR themselves speaking English -- some had never done this. Each time we use this, it is a huge HIT. The last time I did this at the center, I didn't tell the class and then just played it back. What fun for them! MOST have never heard their own voices!

Some commented as they were leaving: "I didn't know I sounded like that. Everybody else sounds normal, but I don't"; "I have more confidence in how well I speak English"; "thank you isn't enough for what you do for us". Now, we are not "bragging" here; more importantly, pointing to the students: seems like all that the center stands for was being projected in their comments: good grammar, good social skills, understanding enough of our English culture to share expressions such as this; more confidence in their skills. We were very encouraged by their comments and especially happy that we are seeing sheer joy within as they are with each other and us. Just being together seems to be enough for them. PTL for today!

We've had a hard week so we needed a POSITIVE in our lives! HE brought us this exactly when it was needed.

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