Monday, June 11, 2007

Helping people to see

A couple of our team members recently helped with an eye surgery clinic in northern Jordan. Below are some of their reactions.

After screening over 400 patients, around 75 were chosen, along with a long waiting list, to have cataract surgery. The patients chosen did not have any means of financial help or insurance to pay a local physician for the surgery. Also, the ones chosen had very mature cataracts and have had to wait for many years to have the surgery. The team was able to do approximately 17 patients per day with a total of 73 persons having the cataract surgery.

The team represented several different countries… Jordan , Korea , North America, South America , and Malaysia. I felt so blessed to be a part of such an awesome team. Everyone worked together like a well oiled machine. Teamwork was initiated from taking the vital signs to instilling the eye drops to measuring the eye for the lens implant to inserting the eye blocks to performing the actual surgery to assessing the patient after surgery. The patients were so excited the next day as they returned to have their bandage removed. Shouts of joy could be heard when many patients were able to see for the first time in many years. Our doctor stated that all of our service was done in the name of Jesus and none of us received any money for what we had done. One man kept saying over and over that he just could not understand why anyone would come and help people like him for free. God is so good! As patients left to go home there were many hugs and kisses and along with a few happy tears of praising God for a successful operation. WOW, what an awesome experience to participate in.

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