Friday, June 15, 2007

The Latest News from Gaza

I am currently on a trip out of the Middle East, but I’ve just talked to several Palestinian friends in Gaza. The last three days have been extremely difficult, but today (Friday) is quieter. One man from the church was injured when a bomb went off near him, but I didn’t understand that the injury was severe. Most said that as long as they stayed inside they felt safe, but one friend said that bullets came through his window and three people from his neighborhood was killed in the fighting. They were all from one extended family – 2 were Hamas and 1 was Fatah.

No one knows what is going to happen next, but they believe that the next few days will be critical.

We just got an e-mail from a friend – edited below. If you’d like to know more, I recommend his blog:

“I just wanted to let all know that I am well and safe. I am still with my friends in Gaza City. Hamas now has full control over the Gaza Strip and all parties involved (the PA in the West bank, Israel, the US, EU and UN...) seem to be scrambling to adapt to the new realities. Despite all the uncertainties for the future of Gaza, the up-side of recent events is that internally the situation is safer than it has been in a long time because there are not two governments and not multiple security bodies fighting for control here. My friend who works at a big government hospital here has told me many times that Hamas has always been best at keeping his hospital safe and well controlled.The borders remain closed…, but I feel very safe and can even move around which I am keeping to a minimum.”

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