Tuesday, June 19, 2007

North Carolina Volunteers # 2

Day 1

Things are all in order! Checked the bags over and over and made final changes. Phew! Everything was okay and checked within limits by the grace of God. The flight, though delayed, went without a hitch. First stop to take a picture in front of the fountain. Here we go!

Day 2

Got the much needed rest and were ready to go about 4:30 am….wait there was no place to go! A few hours later we were prepared to meet and greet the first children we were to see. We enjoyed hearing the plans and dreams of the school for the girls. The girls baked cookies with the kitchen crew, then charmed us with their hospitality, and finally showed creative talent at jewelry making. The idea started simple and then grew to fashionable sets to share with friends. We were asked to be friends and accepted beaded jewelry gifts. Of the finest jewels we will wear, these will be thought of as priceless gifts to never part with.

Day 3

This day we walked where the Lord walked, envisioned where the Lord suffered, and finally saw where the Lord rose! The amazing scenes that we have only known by words, now have been seen, touched, and experienced. There was definitely a moment held between the savior and his believers then and now. After traveling through, we were able to shop. We were greeted by many people ready to help us choose not only one, but quite a few things to enjoy.

Day 4

Church in Arabic! The songs of worship and a sermon spoken for all to receive, was an experience to relish. After the service we were met with warm hearts and gentle hands of grace. We learned of the area’s tradition as well as how the Lord was working among the people. The evening of this day was the day of final preparation, before starting the English camp. We spent some time organizing craft supplies, tying up story lines, and finally finishing up the gift bags. The excitement and anticipation were in full swing....

Day 5

Today was the big day! The first time to meet the girls that would be having fun with us for days to come was finally here! Things went well, and the group was able to meet changes in plans with creative solutions. One impressionable thing that was provided, was a child to translate the puppet show. How could we have asked for a better translator? Even in translation it was difficult for her not to laugh while telling the story! Hugs were plentiful, songs rang through the halls, and English was taught through the international language of love.


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