Friday, June 15, 2007

Pressing On In Gaza

We received the following last Tuesday from a partner in Gaza.

Gaza streets are again under the control of gunmen as the violence spirals out of control. Security forces loyal to different factions took up positions at major intersections in the early hours of the morning and Gaza awoke to the sounds of war. The route to school this morning took me past numerous gunmen and a detour into an area I would have rather not gone. Arriving later than normal I was happy and surprised to see that most of the staff had already arrived.

Students at the School officially ended the school year last Thursday but returned today to receive their certificates and report cards. What was supposed to be a time of celebration and fun was overshadowed by the tension of renewed fighting. Exchanges of gunfire could be heard as certificates were passed out to each class. The students were quickly put back on the bus and sent home as the violence spread throughout Gaza City. We are thankful to the Lord that despite all the obstacles and difficulties, the school year ended successfully and the children all made it home safely

They will spend the beginning of their summer vacation indoors, off the streets and hopefully out of harms way. We pray for the Lord's protection upon each one of them and upon their families.

As always your prayers for Gaza and the people here, for our family and the ministry God has called us to, are greatly needed and much appreciated.


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