Friday, July 14, 2006

A Family Picnic in Jordan

Yesterday we visited one of my husband’s friends and his family. C and S were invited as well. We started with coffee in their home and then drove to Jerash for a picnic. The women drove together in one car. This was the wife (L), T and S and the house helper. We had a very meaningful conversation. L opened the conversation and we talked of her views on life and afterward. Then we had the opportunity to share about what our book says about the same topics. We talked of why the cross was necessary. Of each person's individual choice. Of peace in our hearts we live with daily in spite of circumstances in the world. Of our daily reading and how we can know the author through his book. And of our assurance 100% of where we will spend eternity. We talked so much back and forth that her husband needed to tap on the window once we had stopped and tell us to continue talking on the way. We talked of our love for each other because we were loved first. After all that we were still eager to visit again and it was a really easy visit. We had a picnic and played basketball using a branch as our basket. We intended to walk through Jerash, but were having such a good picnic that we never made it in to Jerash after all. We felt very comfortable and are eager for visits on both sides. Our boys did so awesome and also had an easy visit due to the activity even though the children did not speak much English.

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