Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Student Conference

Wow, this past weekend we had an amazing opportunity to build relationships and encourage Pal believers who are university students! Thursday night we spent time just getting to know the 20+ students by playing games, laughing, and staying up until the wee hours of the morning (some of them never went to bed). Despite the language barrier, we were able to enjoy our time and laugh at ourselves with our language mistakes. At 6:30 AM Friday morning, the group headed out on a short hike . We walked to an olive grove on a hillside and enjoyed a beautiful view. We also enjoyed a time of singing praise songs, a word of encouragement from one of the students, and traditional Pal breakfast foods. Friday afternoon the rest of the group enjoyed an outing to the pool, while we stayed behind and took a much needed nap. Friday evening was filled with more fellowship, sharing, games, and laughs. We hope that the students were as encouraged by us, as we were by them. Although everyone was exhausted by Saturday morning, it was worth every minute.

Posted by J&MM, volunteers from the USA

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