Saturday, July 01, 2006

Friends in Gaza

I spoke today with several Christian friends in Gaza city. Life is hard. They only have electricity for a few hours per day. Water comes every other day, but they have to have electricity to pump the water to holding tanks on the roofs. Water and electricity do not always come at the same time. One friend said there was food in the markets, but it was not plentiful and only those who have cash on hand can buy it. .

They haven’t been able to sleep much. All night, the Israeli planes fly overhead low to the ground. They often break the sound barrier causing houses to shake and windows to break. And certainly the sonic booms awaken everyone !

Even with the hardships and impending danger, I was surprised at how upbeat they all sounded. They are so resilient. They are truly amazing people. There may be several reasons. Life is always hard; this is only a little bit harder. They have been at this point before – many times. The friends I talked to do not live in the refugee camps or poorer neighborhoods where people are without food and the danger is more imminent. Most of all, they have their faith to sustain them….and friends like you who are faithful to pray.
Ask God to continue to sustain them with a Peace that passes all understanding during this difficult time. Praise Him that they have been able to implement His strength into their lives.

Please continue to pray for these and other friends in Gaza – both Christian and Muslim. Ask God to keep them safe. May a peaceful solution be found to this crisis without further bloodshed.

The picture is typical of may homes in refugee
camps in Gaza.

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