Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Volunteer Project in Jordan

Recently part of the Palestinian Team in Jordan had the privilege of having a volunteer group join us as we made our way to an outlying village for the purpose of having a free health screening clinic. Our team partnered with some national friends who acted as our interpreters as well as another team currently working in this village. Twelve of us set up five screening stations to include identification of problems related to eyes, blood pressure, diabetes, scoliosis, and upper body physical assessment. Our efforts were truly blessed in that approximately 70 people were screened. The villagers received us with open arms and even fed us breakfast and lunch. They were so gracious and kind and many relationships were formed. The villagers were encouraged to know that their identified health problems would be followed up by our partners currently working with them. One of the volunteers really enjoyed interacting with the children and they seem to flock to him like he was the 'pied piper.' Another volunteer, our optometrist, was able to identify many eye problems which afforded her counseling several patients and giving some great advice about eye care. One man and his wife had such bad lungs we had to speak very strongly to him about giving up smoking as it was affecting his entire family. Smoking is so much a part of this culture that it will be difficult for him if he chooses to be compliant. Many referrals were made to local physicians... however, the problem may be a lack of money for them to be able to go. It was so rewarding to see how receptive everyone was and to observe our volunteers as they realized that they did not have to speak the language for the village people to know how much they cared and loved them.

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Got your message and are thinking of you.

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Dewar P & H and team there. Just want you to know we do our best to keep up with latest so we know better how to P Y. Ann & Dick German