Monday, June 18, 2012

Alabama Volunteers - Camp Day 1

Boys taking shade while playing "futbol"

Girls painting canvas bags during crafts

These guys are a hoot.

Some of the children's artwork
Marhaba!! So we began the camp today and as you can see we got to meet some wonderful children.  The boys and girls enjoyed the arts and crafts, music, recreation (man it is hot), and ultimately the English class.  One thing we picked up on early in the day was how eager these kids were for interaction.  

Immediately as we pulled into the school and got out of the car we were greeted by several of the boys walking up saying "what is your name", "what is your name"?  It didn't stop there;  the whole time during the recreation periods these kids were constantly asking that same question repeatedly as well as reciting some of the things they were taught.    

During the music periods we found that they picked up on the songs quite well and surprisingly quick.  We had planned on just a few songs for the entire week only to find ourselves teaching 5 songs to one of the classes and 3 to another,  and so on.  

While at crafts we were able to really sit down and talk with them and ask them questions.  The theme for today was "family" so we were constantly asking "do you have any brother's/sisters?".  Each time a child reached for a splotch of paint for their brush we repeated the color in English and encouraged them to do the same.

The biggest takeaway was just how much they thirsted for the loving interaction, and this is something you can definitely pray for.  These are beautiful children with heart-wrenching stories.  Each one has gone though so much in their short lives; more than any of us will ever imagine.  Please keep them fervently in your prayers.  

How are we doing? HOT HOT HOT...LOL.  Encouraged is a good word to describe the group.  This first day went off soooo much better than any of us expected and it is due to only one thing - God!   

Thank you again for your support and prayers.  There is no way we can do this without each of you.  

The Alabama team. 

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