Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alabama Volunteers - Camp is Over

Marhaba, ya'll!!

Sadly, the camp drew to a close today.  These beautiful children hold special places in each of our hearts.  We are told that they will always remember the week the foreigners came town; well, these foreigners will never forget the week we got to serve them.

We held an extended closing session at the end where we reviewed all that the kids have learned and it was mighty impressive what all they did consume during this short time.  They were on top of the songs and not only did they grasp some of the English, they even spoke in complete sentences which shows their desire to learn.

Words cannot express just how touched we were not only by these children, but also the local village adults that helped out.  After feeling us out on the first day, the smiles on these men and women increased with each day.  Whats more, after dismissal they were quick to grab their cell phones and ask for pictures with some of us.

In conclusion, we believe as a team that we have accomplished the mission God called us here to do.  We made a huge dent removing the rocks of this field so that it can be harvested.  However, there are still plenty more stones to be broken up and removed.  In other words, there is plenty of work for this new partnership with the Alabama team and the PAL team.

Since there is work still here, we (Alabama Volunteers and supporters back home) cannot become lax in our prayers for this people group.  These are VERY loving people who have had it rough and simply thirst for hope; the hope that will quench them only comes from Christ and the cup that pours the hope is the PAL team and volunteers that give of their time to assist in reaching this people group.

This camp ending is bittersweet.  While we will miss the people we had the pleasure of serving along with the PAL people, we must return home.  The Alabama Volunteer team cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your prayers and support.  Although our tour is complete, we have only scratched the surface.  Please continue to offer your prayers and support to this much needed ministry.

All day tomorrow and most of the day on Monday we will be touring more of the holy land, departing from the area Monday night.  Pray for a smooth sailing throughout the airports as well as safe flights while we return.

Shukkran, shukkran, shukkran (Thank you , thank you, thank you)

The Alabama Volunteer Team

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