Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alabama Volunteers - Camp Days 3-4

Marhaba from the West Bank!!!

Day's 3 and 4 are complete and we get a much needed break tomorrow.  These kids are beautiful and we love them very much.  God really has his hands on all that is going on with the camp.  Each day brings increased interest from the locals in their desire for more help.  The adults around town have really been appreciative of everything and have began to inquire about furthering the relationship with the PAL team.  Folks this is an answered prayer...elhamdulilah!!! (Praise be to God)

During the classes the adults have really begun to become interactive as well.  They sing all the songs, they do all the motions, they participate with the kids doing crafts, and yes they get out and shame us playing "futbol"

The local social worker that got us into the village and set this camp up pulled our leader aside today and was inquisitive about each of the team members.  She wanted to know more about our schooling and if we studied the crafts, music and teaching, etc.  We didn't go to school for these things; they are seeing that the love we are sharing is very genuine.

If there was a better Internet connection, we would post some of the videos of the children singing the songs that are being taught.  Seeing and hearing them sing "This is the day" in both English and Arabic is very heartwarming.  What is cool is that when asked to make a song request during opening/closing assembly, they seem to always go to "Father Abraham".

Please pray for every one of these children.  Please pray for this people group.  They live oppressive lives with oftentimes no hope other than the hope found in Christ Jesus.  Pray for these local adults and that their inquisitiveness doesn't stop when we leave.  Pray that God opens the door for more visits in particular to the homes.

If you are wandering about us, we are doing fine. We are physically very tired from being on the go constantly.  Tomorrows break cannot get here fast enough.  In the morning we are taking the bus and going to tour the garden tomb.  After this and a bite to eat it is on to The Dead Sea for some much needed floating time, with a pass through Jericho at some point.

Thanks again to all of you prayer warriors out there.  We really mean it when we say that there is no way we are here doing this work if not for you, so shuukran (thank you).  But, the work doesn't stop when we leave.  Continue to pray for the PAL team, especially the two "newbie" families as they continue their adjustment period while getting to work.

Love you all.

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