Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alabama Volunteers - Camp Day 2

Marhaba (hello)!  After experiencing the ease of the first day of camp and seeing the joy in the children's eyes we had no clue what we were walking into this morning.   Elhamdulilah (Praise be to God), this pretty much sums it up.  

For years the Pal team hasn't made any head way in the village that we are conducting the camp.  Well, just after these first two days it is evident that progress is being made and the work being done now will serve as a catalyst for the future.  God is piercing hearts in this community, He is softening even the adults that are helping.  Just yesterday you could see the skepticism in their eyes.  Today, they jumped right on in and sang with us, did crafts with us and even kicked the 'futball' around.

The children all showed up this morning in their red camp shirts we handed out yesterday at the close of the day. The girls that wear head scarfs showed up today wearing red ones to match their shirt.  This goes to show that they are going home to mom and dad and sharing of their experience.

These kids truly have a thirst for genuine love that only Christ can give using us as the cup.  They are smelling the pleasing aroma of Christ from this group of volunteers as well as Pal staff.  This is solely the work of God.  We cannot take any of the credit.

If you are wondering what to pray for, let us toss a few at you.  Pray for God's favor with the work being done this week, pray for the continued softening in the hearts of those participating and even helping.  Pray that these people like the taste from the cup of Christ and begin to ask questions as to what it is.  These are beautiful people living oppressive lives not even knowing that they have freedom through Christ.  Their view on Christianity is so skewed and that is slowly being changed because of your prayer and the work being done here.

As for us - we are tired and hot, but, our spirit remains extremely high.  Thanks again for your support and prayers; we cannot do this without you.  If you are wondering about the food and how we are eating, well look below.  We are NOT going hungry!!

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